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Be aware of this situation and draw your own conclusions. In autumn all intra-Russian roaming surcharges have been coming to an end. This is the only network that is available in every region of the country except Crimea and Sevastopol see the coverage map. Yota's main point is fully unlimited data traffic but with some restrictions such as blocked P2P networks or tethering. You can try using it in your 4G router, but this is not guaranteed. At first it was difficult connecting to the network until I entered the configuration manually.

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Add to Wish List. Good and start using on 3. Thanks on 2. At first it was difficult connecting to the network until I entered the configuration manually. It has connected and breezing fine on 4g Lane. Thanks to the seller I will recommend friends to buy from your shop on 2. Recommended on 3. Previous 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Next. Thanks to the seller I will recommend friends to buy from your shop good afternoon, the package was received, as shown open and only one antenna, the other was missing, the envelope was opened and then a packaging tape was placed.

I'm missing one, although apparently it was here in the chilean post office, I still lack one. The following prices are given for Moscow region and are generally lower in other regions.

To avoid unnecessary charges, please ensure that all foisted paid options turned off. Those options are sometimes enabled by default depends on region and plan. The best way to disable them is uncheck them all through online account management website available only in Russian.

First of all, you should obtain a password for website login. This way you need an official ID a passport, sometimes with valid visa or migratory card. But you can also buy a pre-activated SIM card in a kiosk or at the subway entrance. This way you don't need an ID, it costs around RUB same price as in the official shop , it is already activated and has some credit.

You can buy a SIM card online with a surcharge with worldwide delivery and English support look at eBay. For data, internet package "Internet XS" is automatically activated by default. Outside of domestic region internet usage is expensive by default 9. If you want to keep using he account after 14 days, make sure you put RUB in your MegaFon account.

Then a new period of 14 days starts and all allowances are renewed. When the allowance for calling and SMS is used up, you can continue calling and texting against the regular tariff as long you have got money in your account. When that internet bundle is used up dial: For the Hello plan automatic recharge of internet does not seem to be working. This is probably the best MegaFon plan in Moscow region for visiting foreigners.

There is no monthly fee, pure pay-as-you-go. This is the only plan that has no roaming charges inside the whole country: Petersburg you won't be ripped off. This plan is the most "universal" solution if you need calling and data and visiting more than one region of Russia Moscow and St. Petersburg, Kazan and Samara, Sochi and Moscow, etc. This plan gives your the ability to combine low rates without monthly fee, separate data packages and calling discount options to build the optimal package for your needs.

MegaFon sells a data-SIM mainly for tablets or modems. Its only benefit is a better default data rate with 2. So you should better buy a data pack. This plan also allows calling and texting, but the price for all calls is bad. It's a good idea to choose any other plan in many cases instead. Their new combos are called "Connect!

All data allowances are valid all over Russia except Magadan, Sakhalin island, Yakutia, Chukotka, Kamchatka peninsula, Norilsk city, Taymyr region, Crimea peninsula and Sevastopol , where the basic data rate 9. When data is used up, you can activate an extension pack mentioned above at Data feature packages. It's available in most regions of the country and gives good speeds at somewhat lower prices than MegaFon coverage map.

There are some plans and bundles that work even on the Crimean Peninsula on Win Mobile. The prices below are given for the Moscow region. MTS is associated with Vodafone, which is also their favorite roaming partner.

Nevertheless, MTS roaming prices in foreign countries are very high. SIM cards are available in mini-, micro- and nano-size at their branded stores shop locations. You can also find them at cellphone shops, dealers, or in other electronics shops.

All new SIM cards come in 3-in-1 triple cut size now, no need to cut. SIM card expires after 90 days of inactivity. To extend this term, make a call or send a text message. There is no way to see, how many days are remaining. You can top-up online by international credit card or PayPal with 3rd party agency or by buying vouchers in Russia. MTS often activates them without your permit - as a promotion, to let you try, or something else. Dial the deactivation sequence and press the "call" button.

You should receive an SMS for confirmation that service is disabled:. Prepaid plans have no monthly fee. You will pay only for used services per each minute of call, per each SMS, per each MB of mobile data.

Data is not included and at a high 9. These monthly options can be added to all prepaid voice plans mentioned above for internet access:. Activation is by code, app or online.

All packages auto-renew after 30 days. Smart series offers combo plans with a monthly fee with included calls, SMS and data. Often it's a better choice than adding a data pack to regular voice plan. Big advantage of this plans is their nationwide availability valid in all regions, not only in domestic area and on the Crimea too.

Monthly fee is deducted from your account balance at the moment of plan activation. The next debit will be exactly 30 days after the date of activation. If your account balance is not sufficient for next monthly fee, all services voice and data will be temporarily suspended. To unblock, recharge your account. These plans are only for smartphones and tablets usage.

Using them in modems or mobile routers is prohibited with a warning message displayed. However, tethering is not blocked and confirmed as usable on these plans:. Beeline is the 3rd operator in the country at the moment owned by Veon formerly Vimpelcom Group.

Beeline works in almost all regions of Russia, their 3G coverage is concentrated in populated places, but still limited in rural areas. Check the coverage map: Nowadays, Beeline's 2G network is sensibly degraded. There are some voice calls clarity and data transfer speed issues, related to the signal strength and coverage.

However, this operator provides good rates for international calling, especially to CIS countries where Beeline own and partner networks are available. Prices below are given for Moscow region. All SIM cards are valid for 3 months 89 days since the date of the last chargeable usage. There is no way to see how many days are remaining. To prevent blocking and save your number, you should make any paid action at least once every 3 months by sending a text message or making an outgoing call.

You can recharge your number with your credit card or via PayPal using 3rd part top-up agencies like this service for a surcharge. The balance is displayed on your phone screen. Also you can buy it on eBay or try to find in the kiosks or at the streets dealer stands. You can buy a new SIM card with one of their prepaid plans or change to this plan by dialling a code:.

The only package for data on these two plans above is their expensive 1. For tablets, routers and modems they offer data-focused plans, that include voice calls and SMS at a higher rate:. The offer includes unlimited mobile internet at up to 3. Incoming calls are free. More info about this plan in English can be found here. When data volume is used up, the "auto-renewal rate" will be charged: In this case it may be better to add a Highway pack. Beeline's "All" plans renew automatically every 30 days.

Watch out, as both plan types bear the same name and like in English both words look similar. Beeline offers an option which allows you to share the included data allowance in the "All" combo plans with other Beeline users of same region, not to be mixed up with tethering. So if you have 2 or more Beeline SIM cards from the same region you can share one "All" combo package with other user without paying for 2nd "All" bundle.

You can share your internet allowance only on "All 3", "All 4" and "All 5" packages. You can select 1, 2 or 3 additional numbers for sharing your package.

To add the user to your "group", it should be the Beeline customer of same region. The other number selected for sharing can only use your data pack, while calling and texting not. It's often better to buy a smaller separate package for other SIM card instead of using this feature.

Petersburg and Moscow within the same year. There is a notable "black spot" for 2G in the European part of Russia in Moscow. Tele2 started to work in Moscow in October Also it does not work in Moscow subway. All SIM cards are valid for 4 months days since the date of last usage making a paid call or sending a text message.

There is no way to see how many days remaining. To prevent blocking and save your number, you should make any paid action at least once in 4 months - write a text message or make an outgoing call. Writing a text to yourself is the easiest way. To recharge online, try this website. Not all credit cards accepted. There are some small Tele2 branded retail shops. You can buy Tele2 SIM cards in their retail stores, at the distribution points in some malls and at the railway stations, or using their online store with free delivery to a local address.

You can arrange a pick up point or use the free delivery service within the city Moscow and St. Petersburg in a max. Independent dealers resell their SIM cards in electronic or cell phone shops for a small surcharge.

Start-up price is RUB depending on number and start-up plan. Tele2 recently updated all their prepaid plans. The main advantage of the new plans is a roll-over of unused data and voice allowances to the next month. You can switch between plans any time for 40 RUR per each change. Given below are the prepaid combo plans for the Moscow region. All included allowances are valid in all over Russia or rather all regions where Tele2's own network is available:. After using included data allowance, speed will be throttled to 64 kbps.

All packages auto-renew, if not disabled before. All unused allowances will be rolled over to the next month, if you continue your plan. If you don't want to use combo plans, you can add a special internet pack to the other plans. All data packs are valid in all Tele2 regions.

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