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These arcades, known in Indonesia as "gelpers", masquerade as sports arcades and are a big draw for tourists. National police senior spokesman Anton Bachrul Alam said police stepped up enforcement on these illegal operations in Batam after increased complaints against them by local residents.

Indonesia, where more than 85 per cent of the country is Muslim, bans gambling because Islam does not allow it. But with other countries in the region benefiting economically from gaming, it is facing pressure from two of its more touristy cities - Batam and Bintan - to give some concession on this blanket ban.

Several years ago, the local Bintan government presented a detailed plan to build an integrated resort with a casino on the island. But after months of debate, the plan did not get the nod because lawmakers in Jakarta shot it down due to religious reasons. The head of Batam's tourism agency, Yusfa Hendri, said gelpers are a main tourist attraction in his city, which attracted more than , tourists last year. But Inspector General Anton was firm in his response on that: We hope these operations end.

Sociologist Adrianus Meliala from the University of Indonesia said there have been calls by academics, tourism industry players and other citizens to amend Indonesia's law on gambling, accommodating at least restricted operations such as casinos which allow only foreigners in.

Another option being discussed is having a casino on an island, which would help to restrict who can gain entry. That is capital flight. So it's high time the government did something. Batam and Bintan are not the only Indonesian cities where covert gambling is rampant. Big cities like Jakarta have seen illegal gambling activities, mainly catering to Chinese Indonesians who see it as part of the culture and entertainment. Economically speaking, allowing gambling to restricted people could be considered, said Musni.

But he doubts that Indonesia would do it because none of the political parties would dare support gambling as the majority of the population are opposed to it. Musni agrees that gambling should be allowed in Indonesia as long as there are tight restrictions banning Muslims from entering the casinos.

Reprinted courtesy of Straits Times Indonesia. Astrobet88 situated in Casino in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. But why stress yourself to go to a casino when you can easily place your bets online with JayPoker. And their customer service is very responsive 24hours daily. Need secret handshake of the secretest kind to get to. I prefer Macau though, so many casinos to choose: There are lots of casino in indonesia big city.

No matter underground, or online. For my opinion, their underground is outdated as many new generation Indonesian spend most time online. You can find it in almost every big city in Indonesia but I suggest you to play the online casino which are following the guidelines provided by the government.

It's name is WinClub88 Asia. I don't think there are casinos in Jakarta area. You see, gambling is a sin as per Islam and Indonesia being a Muslim country would not allow casinos on its soil.

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How much is the disposable income as per in Jakarta, Indonesia? Answered Apr 20, And while you may not think of it as a major world power, this country has a population of more than million, making it the fourth most populous nation in the world today. That large population also makes this the largest country in the world with a majority Muslim population.

And while the government is not a theocratic one, Islam wields plenty of cultural influence here, which has serious consequences for anyone who is hoping to see a flourishing gaming industry here. In Indonesia, gambling has been criminalized since the s. This is a complete ban, encompassing casinos, lotteries, and parimutuel wagering on horse racing. When the country gained its independence in , the newly installed government did not immediately take any steps to curtail gambling, instead leaving it up to the individual provinces to determine whether or not to regulate gaming in any form.

However, even then the cultural influence of Islam was felt, with many local governments hesitating to operate lotteries or other games for fear of being criticized by Muslim leaders. However, while the above may seem offputting, the good news is that there are plenty of reputable online casinos in Indonesia. Many of these support Indonesian language and allow games to be played in Rupiah.

The best Indonesian casinos are listed below. In , Governor Ali Sadikin legalized gambling throughout the country , albeit under fairly tight controls. Three Indonesian casinos were approved, slot parlors were opened, and betting was allowed on greyhound and horse races. Lotteries were also put into place, which helped to fuel infrastructure projects throughout the nation. But this situation would not last. In , the government banned public gambling under pressure from Muslim officials.

A year later, all existing gaming permits were revoked, although the existing casinos were allowed to continue operating as long as only foreigners were allowed to play. And in , regulations were tightened even further, banning any form of betting whatsoever. From time to time, the country has dabbled into the gambling world again, though never for very long. Soccer pools were opened up in the s, but were cancelled after a few years.

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