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Announcements Important announcements from the Admin Team Discussions: When you run into such problems yourself, come back to the library and read some more. Several casinos offer the game of blackjack for tournament purposes. Do you already have an account? Existence is a game of tag, and everyone gets a turn at being God. There are various strategies that you can use to maximize your win at a game of blackjack. Thanks to the recent explosion of internet and online gambling, blackjack is now one of the most common games in the virtual world.

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Players who want to start learning how to win at blackjack should start with our Intro to Winning Blackjack. If you are considering a career as a professional gambler, we suggest you start with our Blackjack Forum Professional Gambling Library , the largest source of honest professional blackjack, poker and online gambling information on the Web.

There is even info on beating slots, roulette, lotteries and keno—in brick-and-mortar casinos and online—in our library. No, I'm not kidding.

Some of the best blackjack and gambling opportunities available right now are in the online casinos. If you are interested in playing blackjack or other games in online casinos, see the Blackjack Forum Win Online section, with our online blackjack strategy and all the how-to info you need to get started. Just the facts about how to win.

And check out this blog with casino bonus codes. For free easy card counting systems, see our complete instructions for the Easy OPP Card Counting System the easiest system ever developed and the Easy Red 7 System a slightly more difficult but also more powerful system.

For a simple but powerful professional-level card counting system in fact, the count I use myself , see The Hi-Lo Lite. ETFan has contributed his open source PowerSim blackjack and card counting simulation software. PowerSim comes ready to run fast, powerful and accurate traditional blackjack and card counting simulations that provide the information you need for comparing games and card counting strategies,and calculating risk and bankroll requirements, optimal bets, advantage and win rate for a wide variety of blackjack games and rules sets.

The programmable PowerSim is also easily modified by players to run new types of simulations. This has led to simulations of the new and innovative OPP Count for beginning players. Download free card counting practice software and Sam Case's blackjack card counting strategy index generator directly below. The strategy index generator produces strategy index numbers for any balanced card counting system.

You put in the count values and true count method for any counting system you are researching, and the generator will tell you the true count at which to change your playing strategy. January 11, Release of PowerSim 2. Blackjack and Betting Systems: Is Oscar's System a Winner?

The First Card Counters: This is my card counter's bible. For hardcore blackjack addicts and people who love the game as I do. This book contains the history of the game and the history of ways to beat the game and how you can use that knowledge to make money now. How to consistently make money in fast no-limit hold'em tournaments. Formerly Poker Tournament Formula II , this book is about professional level strategies and tactics for winning poker tournaments.

They called themselves transplants. Existence is a game of tag, and everyone gets a turn at being God. Good thing he has Lulu to help him make decisions. A romance, more or less. Read Pink Wedge online now. Werewolves were his business, especially after he joined forces with Bridget Baskervilles, who was not only a con artist extraordinaire, but the sexiest babe in Strait City. Want your own board? If your posts are popular and followed by many members, request your own board so members can easily follow your threads.

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