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Many resorts also feature a "bunny hill" slope, a great place to start for people of all ages and skill levels to warm up on before venturing out onto the bigger slopes. What was a significant hindrance to skiers and snowboarders, a lack of snow in some regions, is becoming less of a problem since many ski areas now have the technology to make their own snow via machines placed strategically throughout the trails. With a mountain of powdery snow during the day and a host of comfortable amenities by night, a skiing and snowboarding getaway can be just the right activity for anyone looking to enjoy the cold winter days ahead. Skiing and snowboarding are affordable winter recreational activities that millions of people across the globe participate in every year. As long as the temperature is cool enough, resorts are able to entertain skiers and snowboarders without actual snowfall. Local radio stations will occasionally take advantage of the high volume of skiers and snowboarders by holding events, offering discounted lift tickets, and providing other perks to help make the activity a bit more affordable for families.

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5 minute typing test

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5 Minute Typing Test

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