Indicates your preferred college. Example schools offering an online environmental science degree: Watch some school videos to learn more about what's happening on campus. Students are pursuing their passions and vying for success in specialized areas of interest. Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees at a Glance Degree programs in zoology focus on the study of animal life.

Best Zoology Colleges Ranked in Order of Quality

Discover the Best Schools to Study Zoology

Great Basin College Course Categories: Natural Resources Distance Learning Consortium. Northern Arizona University Course Categories: Oregon State University Course Categories: Texas Tech University Course Categories: University of Florida Course Categories: Wildlife Management; Ecology; Zoology.

University of Idaho Course Categories: Applicants should not let affordability concerns stop them from deciding on this school since If on-campus safety is one of your priorities, you will be glad to find out that this school has a low crime rate.

For more information, look at college scorecard. It is difficult to beat University of Florida if you want to pursue Zoology as a major. University of Florida offers graduate degrees in zoology for those interested in an advanced degree. Located in Gainesville, Florida, this school is a good choice for students who enjoy the thrill of a significant city. You shouldn't be concerned about affording University of Florida; U of F features a high performing women's softball team.

View a few school videos to discover what is happening on campus. It is hard to beat Oregon State University if you wish to study Zoology. With over 20, students, this school is among the biggest schools in the country. Go on a virtual tour to explore Oregon State. Switch to list view. First Prev 1 of 5 Next Last. University of California - Davis. University of Wisconsin - Madison. Miami University - Oxford. Colorado State University - Fort Collins.

Ohio State University - Main Campus. While associate's degree programs focus on more general aspects of zoology, bachelor's degree programs might allow you to choose a concentrations or focus, such as marine biology, genetics, or animal behavior. As a bachelor's degree student, you might find internship and research opportunities that could later prove useful in securing a job.

Coursework requirements in a bachelor's degree program in zoology are designed to prepare you for a range of careers in the field of animal life. Some programs offer concentrations or electives to choose from, enabling you to tailor your program to your interests. If you're interested in animal behavior, you could choose courses that focus on neurology, development, genetics, and evolution.

Courses that focus on animal nutrition, conservation, and ethics could develop your degree into one that prepares you for a career as a zookeeper. Knowledge of chemistry, physics, and math are important to this field as well, so be prepared to take a combination of courses in each of these subjects. All this will be in addition to general education requirements. Currently, there are no online bachelor's degree programs in zoology.

However, some schools allow you to take general education courses online, and some even have zoology-related courses available online.

Because zookeeper jobs are so competitive, any work experience and extracurricular activities in the field might raise your chances of successfully acquiring the job you want. Some college internships at zoos are very competitive as well; if internships are unavailable to you, volunteering at your local zoo or wildlife department might be a good place to start gaining experience.

As a volunteer, you'll receive on-the-job training that could be relevant to your field, giving your resume a boost when you apply for internships and jobs. If you're interested in working in research, look for opportunities to participate in research while completing your degree to gain valuable experience. A Bachelor of Entrepreneurship will give you the management, leadership and financial skills needed to start your own business. What are the pros and cons of a wildlife conservationist career?

Get real job descriptions, career prospects and salary info to see if becoming a All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. What will you learn in a zoology degree program? Read about degree requirements, pros and cons of associate's and bachelor's degree programs, and potential careers. Pros and Cons Pros If you love animals, an associate's degree program can prepare you to work with them.

If you decide to continue your education after earning your associate's degree, it might take only two more years to earn your bachelor's. As a biological aide, your job might make a positive contribution to the health of local wildlife. Cons There is a risk of bites and scratches from animals you care for. Animal caregiver jobs usually don't require formal training. Associate's degree programs in zoology aren't designed to train you for a specific career.

Studying Zoology: Associate's and Bachelor's Degrees at a Glance

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