SWTOR Commendations system in patch 2.0

We chose to do this over credits so that these cosmetic items would remain for PvPers. Do they get a new starting quest with 50 level gear? And also if we should continue to collect them. The weekly cap is gone on Classic comms as of 2. Will go and convert all green crystals to companion gifts, all pvp comms to decos.

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Swtor Mmo at 5. Well then, enjoy your empty queues in group finder. I used to pay for this game when it was worth it. Several years to be precise. There is more than a month until the expansion launches, and they have only been going into detail for a week.

Details are still being figured out and blog posts have to be prioritized and written. Cosmetics being locked ranked players only. Will go and convert all green crystals to companion gifts, all pvp comms to decos.

For blue and purple crystals you can get the mats on the Odessen vendor. But the toon has valor. Why should I have access to ranked PvP rewards? Thats not what hes talking about. He means the old-school orange-mod pvp weapons next to the terminal on fleet. They were going to turn that into a ranked reward when normal commendations are eliminated but because everyone is upset theyre going to make that valor based instead.

Also, we would all love an update on the infiltrator ship they put on hiatus 3 years ago. I know a lot of people want more GSF love. I like it when there are multiple ways to get conquest points from GSF for the week.

Those weeks are way more active. New maps, better rewards would be nice. I think the game is going down the drain sooner than we expected…………………. I hope the force shines on them and they do something about it or it is going to be consumed totally by the dark side to non existence and oblivion. Will be interesting to see the people who support this crap!

Will be interesting to observe people who use exclamation points to their own detriment! Nothing wrong about what he said , move along boy. They remove the WZ comms and make the cosmetic gear only available to ranked players.

Only the expertise stat is going away. The gear still has nice set bonus. Which is the exact same set bonus normal gear has. They also can be used for buying guards and flags. Quick, everybody, max out on crystals! Yeah and on the fleet, the Rakata decoration merchants….

You have to solo it either way in this brilliant MMO. You could always pay for your entertainment. Wellp, may as well start spending my crystal comms….

Everything is converting into credits? Well, time to grind comms. Not until I know the exchange rate…. No idea up to now what to do with blue and purple crystals. Conversion rate comes out and then buy appropriately. Blue mat is 25 blue comms per. Purple mat is comms per. Keep the season tokens in place.

At what point do I choose equipment for companions, or gear for myself for that matter, over planetary commendations as a mission reward? You cannot get more than a few until level Level 55 is the requirement for PvP gear purchase and Ranked Arenas. Until then, there are vendors where you can purchase PvE gear and other items.

You can start accruing Classic comms at level Basic, Elite and Ultimate comms at level Well actually, you can start acquiring them a couple levels before that, if you're doing missions above your level. You must be the above levels to purchase the gear associated with those comms tier. There is no true PvP gear gear with expertise below level There is gear with blue leveling mods in it available for purchase with Warzone comms on your factions capitol planet.

Ranked Warzone matches can be queued for at level 55 and you must be a subscriber. You can however start converting regular Warzone comms to Ranked Warzone comms at Valor Rank 40 and if I remember correctly your Valor Rank is capped at your current level until you hit level cap. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Opinions Which class should I play? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Want to add to the discussion? Each can be traded in for items at certain vendors: These are awarded for completing PvE space missions with your class ship.

Currently, there is a vendor in the outer circle of the Global Trade Network of the fleet that sells Grade 7 Ship Components and some other gear and items.

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