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I went to Lowe's site and downloaded the pdf spec sheet for Blackjack and it said it may be used on masonry. I am a dumb lady, but isn't concrete masonry?

It does carry the same warning that most paints do concerning ventilation when applying. It also states it should not become tacky until degrees which I can see maybe on a roof in direct sun but inside my barn would be fine. It sounds like it might work well to keep the moisture from wetting the sand on top. What are your thoughts? Maybe linoleum would be better? I am afraid the use plastic for fear I will rip it when I rake the sand around.

Not all of the sand being delivered is going into the coop but I need to make a decision so the sand that is isn't sitting outside in the rain. Apr 8, 7. I think you might run into a problem with your concrete and Blackjack.

What you are seeing, with the concrete getting damp, is moisture from UNDER the concrete slab wicking up and through the floor. To prevent this in a building, they will lay heavy plastic sheets down before they pour the concrete, to prevent just what you are seeing. I think the blackjack would fail from the moisture coming up from underneath. What I would use, is some of that basement waterproofing paint. Clean the floor well and lay down a heavy coat. Apr 8, 8. I think you are right!

I never thought of basement waterproofer, makes sense! The floor was completely dry until it got warm outside. My farmer friends say this is normal and to be expected every year. This whole chicken thing is not only FUN but educational too! Apr 9, 9.


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