Blackjack Strategy When Playing a Soft 17

Thanks for the report. Split 10s three times. This happens nearly every time. For 12vT and 13vT, the count basically never gets high enough to stand. An explanation of why basic strategy recommends certain plays is on my list of future blog topics, and maybe the new trainer can offer a link to that when it is available.

Multi-Deck Basic Blackjack Strategy Chart - Dealer Hits on Soft 17


After the first hand has been dealt, the player will proceed with one of the following strategies: The accepted signal for this is either waving a hand over the cards or turning the pile to the horizontal. According to classic blackjack rules, the cards must be of the same denomination and not just the same face value say, a Queen and a King.

A player may only split once per hand. However, there are other versions of the rules which allow splitting a dissimilar pair of the same face value, although this could only be done with hands totaling 20 some combination of Ten, Jack, Queen or King.

Normally it is not good strategy to split a hand valued at Some rules will allow endless resplitting, but others limit it. Splitting a pair of Aces is universally considered to be sound blackjack strategy. Most rules then permit only one card to be drawn for each hand formed in this manner. A player with a promising hand may opt to double the original wager and draw just one additional card. This is signaled to the dealer by placing another chip next to the first chip bet. Some casino rules limit this to apply only to hands with an initial value of 10 or When a player does not wish to continue with the cards he has been dealt, he may give up these cards and forfeit half his bet.

He then sits out the rest of the round. This is permitted after the first 2 cards have been dealt and the dealer has checked his cards for a blackjack. In some rare cases it may be allowed before the dealer has checked his cards. State regulators said no to the blackjack request. They also denied the casinos' proposal to cut the deck in a way that would allow more cards to be in play, resulting in more hands and fewer shuffle interruptions. But they accepted the casinos' proposal to increase the amount that on-site automatic teller machines can dispense to players per day from , to ,, potentially making more money available for gambling.

Many banks impose their own limits on withdrawals. Regulators also accepted a number of other suggestions — about three dozen in all — as part of an annual give-and-take that illustrates the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency's collaborative approach to regulating the state's five casinos. Each year, the gambling establishments are invited to propose changes to regulations they believe have become unnecessary or outmoded — sometimes because of new technology — since Maryland voters approved slot machines in The goal is a regulatory system that "is safe and secure and as minimally intrusive … as possible," said Stephen Martino, director of the gaming control agency.

A bank of slot machines sits just inside an exit door at Hollywood Casino Perryville. But it's a misnomer. The area around the six machines is drafty, and customers' interest in the machines has gone as cold as the air. All of the changes approved by regulators still must be reviewed in Annapolis by the General Assembly's Joint Committee on Administrative, Executive and Legislative Review before being permitted to take effect.

The state faces a delicate balancing act in overseeing casinos. On the one hand, it must safeguard the public's interest by ensuring casinos don't possess unfair advantages. On the other, it collects hundreds of millions of dollars a year of revenue from casinos for various programs, so it doesn't want to bog them down with rules that prevent them from operating efficiently.

We're there to call balls and strikes. Each year, regulators sift through suggestions from the casinos — this year's are expected to be made in the spring — and decide which ones to accept. Last year, "we had about 57 proposals and we went ahead and took action on about 38," said Charles LaBoy, the state's assistant director for gaming.

Maryland is generally considered player-friendly for blackjack. For example, Maryland casinos pay 3-to-2 on a blackjack, which occurs when a player reaches a perfect 21 by drawing an ace and value card. That means a bet yields.

Some casinos in other states have blackjack payouts of 6-to Competition in Maryland plays a role. With five casinos and a sixth on the way, the state has become one of the country's most saturated gambling markets.

The competition between Maryland Live and Horseshoe Casino Baltimore — less than 12 miles apart — is particularly fierce. Blackjack offers players the best odds of any game of chance in casinos, with the house holding a slight edge for players correctly applying basic strategy. Allowing the dealer to hit a soft 17 would increase that edge "typically about 0. There is very little regulation on blackjack rules in Nevada," Jacobson said.

The recommendation to allow dealers to hit on 17 was among those presented jointly by all of the casinos. Horseshoe, the state's newest casino, participated in the suggestions even though it didn't open until August. But Maryland decided that "changing the rules to essentially lower the payout to players was rather one-sided," LaBoy said. Pennsylvania does not hit on a soft For example, they granted the casinos' request to change the rule requiring them to write checks — without the option of paying cash — to customers who hit a jackpot of , or more.

Regulators raised the threshold to , They also agreed with the casinos to raise the daily ATM limits and to eliminate the 0 limit on individual ATM transactions. Norton said Maryland Live patrons must often walk over to adjacent Arundel Mills mall to withdraw more money.

He called the transaction limit "a nuisance customers don't understand. That's one of the larger complaints that we get.

Horseshoe agrees that changing the ATM rules meets customer demand, said Alex Dixon, the casino's assistant general manager. Bet On Soft Bonus Codes.. By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Blackjack is a game of skill, where strategy and research make a difference. Blackjack is an exciting table game because it attracts smart bettors who understand the game can be profitable in the right circumstances.

This guide covers land-based blackjack, online blackjack, and the trendy new versions of the game, such as mobile blackjack and live dealer blackjack. What is Blackjack Strategy? Soft Count Clerk jobs Can dealer hit on 17? How to play a blackjack soft Count your ace as a 1 or an 11 to maximize your hand. Most blackjack players are oblivious to whether the dealer stands or hits on soft Dealer stands on soft 17 was the standard rule in years past..

How much should you be paid? Tell us your experience for a personalized salary. This rule increases the house edge by 0. Dealer Hits on Soft 17 — In most casinos, the rules state that the dealer will stand on any hand of 17, be it hard 17 or soft However, some casinos play by a rule variation that states that the dealer hits on soft This rule variation increases the house edge by 0.

Blackjack Payout of 6: However, some casinos pay to , which increases the house edge by a whopping 1. This rule variation is one of the worst you can find in a game of blackjack and should be avoided at all costs. Stick to blackjack games with a 3: Colin will walk you through Basic Blackjack Strategy with these videos from our premium video course but first, here is the basic strategy chart, followed by a couple ground rules: Basic strategy is not enough!

We get emails from people all the time talking about how they downloaded our blackjack strategy charts, took them to a casino, and won some money. Basic strategy cannot overcome the house edge even if you get lucky with it from time to time. Think of it like a space shuttle. Basic strategy is just the rocket booster. It gets the shuttle high enough in the atmosphere for the shuttle to do the rest of the work.

The rocket booster never makes it to space. This is where the rubber meets the road when it comes to beating blackjack. Vegas was built on guys who looked at the wallet-size basic strategy a couple times after they bought it in the gift shop on their last vacation.

It takes intentional practice to commit this stuff to memory. The chart you start with is not the chart you end with!

Once you learn this chart you will have to learn additional rules and deviations that relate to the specific rules of the games you will be playing. The better you learn basic strategy the easier it will be to transition to the other rules-specific charts linked on this page. You need to know these blackjack strategy charts backwards and forwards, doing a handstand, in a hurricane, giving your drink order to a waitress, while listening to Count Von Count serenade you on Sesame Street.

This is why surrender is the first thing you have to think about when playing your hand.

Basic Strategy Guide

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