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Trudeau is King Douche of televised douchebaggery. I was the low man on the totem pole at Nightingale, and Kevin Trudeau was part of the shit detail I had to deal with. The sales girl tried to sell me a slew of other things all of which I refused. There was time to do it over, but not time to do it right in the first place. They won't even investigate the tracking number dispute. I had heard that before but now I know

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Sep 26, A. This maps out ways for some people to retrieve money due to them that they didn't know about, but me, I don't forget bank accounts, and I cash checks right away, including tax refund checks.

I did find some ways to save money and got something free, though: Well, I hsd to pay the shipping. Oct 27, Cj Sime rated it did not like it. I wasn't really surprised with most the suggestions of where to get "free" money: I did go to unclaimed.

Mar 11, Victor rated it liked it. All internet stuff complied into a book Who wouldn't want free money? If only I had time to chase down the hundred of ideas this book conveys!! Aug 24, Larita rated it liked it. I still have the urge to procrastinate even after reading the book. There are some good tips especially about the grants for businesses.

Aug 27, Shila rated it did not like it. This is book is ok. It is not a wealth of info like I assumed it would be. Jan 30, Luann Habecker rated it it was ok. May 22, Zamfir McGillicutty rated it did not like it. This guy should be in jail Okay, that seems right. Oct 05, Tara rated it did not like it Shelves: Felt very snake-oil and telemarketer to me None of the information was ground breaking.

Feb 05, Steven rated it it was ok. Should have bought this used A lot of the websites listed in the book are not working links. However, the ones that do work are great resources.

This has opened up the possibility of saving me a lot of money that I already don't have. Oct 20, Lear rated it it was ok. I found 2 useful items out of this book, its rubbish compared to his previous book on credit repair. Nov 04, Kathyw rated it really liked it. Was very informative, however, I knew about most items, ut not all, that he spoke about. Sep 14, Bj Sexton marked it as to-read.

How do I restore my list so that I can read the full book like upon download Jul 19, Sue marked it as to-read Shelves: On an infomercial, Kevin Trudeau stated that "the government is not interested in the American citizen - they don't want them to be empowered.

Darlene Long rated it it was amazing Sep 19, Valentin Rozman rated it it was amazing Oct 08, Dana Howard rated it did not like it Jan 13, Andrew rated it did not like it Jul 11, Alicia rated it really liked it Oct 27, Nicole B rated it did not like it Feb 01, Justin Witt rated it liked it Jan 02, Michael Baggetta rated it liked it Jan 26, Amirah rated it did not like it Jul 08, Angela Whiting rated it it was amazing Nov 24, Shannon rated it really liked it Jul 27, Kevin Mark Trudeau is a convicted American fraud artist, author, radio personality, infomercial host, and salesman who promotes various unsubstantiated health, diet and financial "remedies".

Food and Drug Administration and the pharmaceutical industry value profit over treatments or cures. T Kevin Mark Trudeau is a convicted American fraud artist, author, radio personality, infomercial host, and salesman who promotes various unsubstantiated health, diet and financial "remedies".

Trudeau's activities have been the subject of both criminal and civil action. He was convicted of larceny and credit card fraud in the early s, and in he was sued by U.

I told them to take me off their call list. My credit card was charged for the canceled order and got the books. When I asked them why the order was run without authorization after my canceling the order they said it was an automated station, not a person and once they take the credit card number it can't be canceled. They offered to credit my card for However if I returned the items I would not get my money back, only the So after watching an infomercial for 30 mins, I finally decided to get on the phone to place the order.

Fully prepared for all the upselling, I listened carefully as "Kevin" the call center rep read his script.

Infomercial made no reference to having to pay extra for this "FREE" book!!! I could tell he really didn't want to have to keep reading that script full of over charging upsells, I flustered him. Couldn't believe the amount. The next 2 upsells is what really sent me over the edge. I'm ordering a new book and you are selling me something OLD? That's when I really lost it and told the dude cancel the order.

Obviously if this company is trying to make you insure your package they have a lot not making it thus probably not sending em. Run and run fast!!! He owes me two weeks' pay and never paid up. We took him to court in Chicago, Illinois and we were shocked that he got away without paying the salary because he opened up another company under a different name. The persons involved were a man named "Doc", who by the way, was a fraud and never had a diploma for being anything but a fraud.

There was also a woman named Julie. I was the main executive secretary there. He ran a company under the name of Memory Master Institute. People would pay with their credit cards and when they wanted their money back, they could not get their money back. He is a definite fraud!

He scammed hundreds of people out of their money this way. Once they had your credit card money--you were doomed. They worked together to close down the offices they had and a man was shot.

I can't remember the exact location, but if someone knew where Memory Master Institute was located, I could verify it. I was not the only person owed for labor. Kevin Trudeau was under "watch" with the Chicago Authorities for mail fraud. He has a long, long history of being a fraud. I couldn't believe it when I saw him on television.

When I got the book I first noticed a discrepancy. He said there was a web address where you could apply for money to tide you over while you were waiting for your grant. It was nowhere to be found. When I called their customer service dept. I was told I would only be told the address if I subscribed to their newsletter. I then wrote to 50 of the grant sources listed in the book. All stated they never gave individuals grants, of the rest 20 never answered at all, and the rest came back return to sender addressee unknown.

This creature needs to be hung by the neck until dead, slowly, painfully, after being castrated with a rusty knife. Everything else in his book I already knew or was complete and utter B. I love natural cures and thought this would be worth the money. It was not at all what I expected. In my opinion, the purpose of the book is just to sell other things.

This man is very good at making people believe what he wants them to. I did not understand the book and l never saw a penny. Do not buy this book. They lying about everything.

I'm very disappointed about this book. I found nothing but regurgitated information already available on the internet for free. This book is filled with a lot of useless information and anything slightly useful as I mentioned is available on the internet for free. Most of the book is filled with fluff to make the book look big. Kevin quotes a few web sites, provides information on common sense sources of money, and includes plugs from his other book Debt Cures. Really don't waste your money, you will be sorry you bought the book.

After buying this book Free Money there was not one benefit to buying it. To me this book should be called Spend you money for nothing. This book say it was updated in In Chapter 1 through Chapter I have not got any help. I want to finish my College Education but I can't find one grant out of this book to help me. There is a chapter dealing with Attorney Help. You can call a college nearby for attorney help and this attorney was graduating from college and he or she would help "Free".

I called this Free Money Counselor and asked for a refund but he said no. Anyway I have learned through my counselor to avoid problem like this. Ordering the free money book - I placed an order for the main book and only the book.

I asked for the shipping and handling fees first and foremost. I was told the book was When I refused all the special offers and asked my total, I was told I was being charged I was informed that offer was the only way to get the book. I tried to cancel the order and was told that I couldn't do that unless I called customer service. I was refused the opportunity to speak to a supervisor. The order hadn't been charged to my card, so I should be able to cancel but they said it was too late.

A few years ago, I was a call center rep who sold his books before he was exposed as a fraud. Something smelled fishy when I noticed I couldn't cancel customer orders or remove extra items if callers changed their mind about purchasing the additional products.

The only thing I could do give them another customer service number, and they'd sometimes call back and say the number was out of order!

Fast forward to , and I see him on the show "American Greed Scams. I think some companies are actually still taking tele-orders for his books even though they probably know he's a con-artist. Scammer and Liar - Kevin Trudeau!!! Not the good person he poses to be. I got no free money! I Hate this guy! I also was very interested in buying the free money book I am just very afraid to trust companies I have not checked out and luckily there was this site with literally hundreds of bad reviews on this Con.

These reviews are on target There is NO hidden money NO old bank account money that has been allowed to garner interest and sit and grow to huge amounts. I just do not understand how Mr. Trudeau can still be airing infomercials while incarcerated? If you have to look at the worthless books, buy online used for a penny, or from Goodwill or Salvation Army stores. In ordering his books, you are constantly hounded to buy stuff which you are not interested in and even the books themselves are nothing more than exaggerated claims to scare people into believing some government conspiracy.

I called and ordered Kevin Trudeau's book Free Money from an ad at 2 in the morning. While ordering I was told that I would get 2 more books for free but I had to pay shipping. The shipping was almost 20 dollars.

Then they continued to push me to buy memberships and access to websites and so on. Finally, after purchasing a couple of things but rejecting most, I was told it would take 6 to 8 weeks to receive my product but for an additional 10 dollars I would get priority shipping and have the book in 7 to 10 days. I paid it because I really wanted this book. That was almost 4 weeks ago and I have received nothing. I contacted the number I ordered from and was told they only take the orders and charge the card and they have no liability or resolution for me.

I have to contact Kevin Trudeau's organization for disputes. Well, good luck on getting that information. So basically I am just out of my money and no recourse. I would recommend that no one order anything from these infomercials until they straighten out their act. Ordered Kevin Trudeau free money books online in March with credit card. They called and try to sell me more thing which I had declined. Called in to order the new version of 'Natural Cures' with free additions of his new book about pain control and CD of new 'book' not published yet - weight loss 'secret' if I was among first callers.

Yes I was among the first , so great. Then turned out I would have to pay an additional I declined that and said I just wanted to buy the book only So then she said, "Surprise I said, "No thanks.

Then with difficulty she deleted the extra items from the order, gave me customer service number for future reference, and then 2 minutes later said the order could not be placed The whole thing smelled fishy. So I got online to look for reviews, and learned a lot. The only thing I have to worry about now is money being debited from my account, in spite of the fact that the order could not be placed.

Obviously Kevin is only out to sell the newsletter… which by all accounts is as useless as his books. My father bought two of the Natural Cures books by the swindler and even subscribed to a newsletter, briefly, as he is truly a believer in natural medicine and is completely against "Big Pharm.

It's just a collection of modern urban myths and promises to give more information if you BUY more of his stuff. I can not speak as to his other books, but I can't imagine they have any info either. The only reason the government is after him is because he continuously violates federal court orders to not run these scams anymore. Trudeau couldn't even be bothered to read real books about alternative medicine and regurgitate that information.

Horrible nonsense, both books. Again, I can't speak as to the other books, however, with an educated guess, anyone saying they are more than rubbish, is probably paid to do so. I wouldn't be surprised if Big Pharm IS paying him to screw up the alternative medicine movement. On Jan , I called to order the book offered. The Male order taker pressured me to purchase other items.

I assumed that this order was not put through. Therefore I never looked for a shipment or charges to my Credit card. I called , and explained my case.

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