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Trading of Advanced Patent stocked was suspended for 10 day in March The top prize on Pinball slots is 1, coins, and is won when you receive three double diamond symbols on the payline. Pinball is a classic slot machine in casinos today. However, all that action can make vintage slot machines seem a little boring. Please login or register to submit your comment.

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More Info Got It! Pinball Classic is a video slot that melds classic gameplay with pinball. Gameplay occurs on the main reels but can spill out onto the bonus game, sited next to the reels, at any time.

Players can opt for different wagers and may even benefit from wilds and free game re-spins. The control panel includes several buttons for choosing bets. You can choose yours by pressing the Bet 1, 2 or 3 button. Pinball classic includes a spin and auto play button. The main difference is the latter places multiple automatic spins. The Wild pinball performs as it would on other video slots. But since it is smaller, you have a better chance of winning the jackpot. Simply put, Pinball slot machines are full of action.

To activate the bonus game you need to land the pinball symbol on the third reel. As you probably guessed, the bonus game lets you play pinball to win credits. All you have to do is sit back and watch the pinball bounce around. Your winnings are based on how many times the ball hits into the bonus knob.

The only downside of the bonus game is that you do not get to use any of your pinball skills. Pinball slots feature the best of both worlds: If you enjoy slots and pinball you will definitely have a good time playing Pinball slot machines. The main benefits include a simple format, several betting options, and a great bonus game.

The game incorporates the traditional gameplay that you expect from a reel slot machine and combines it with a mechanical bonus round. This combination makes Pinball is a bit more flashy than many other older slot machines.

The bonus round is so much fun that this might be the only reason you play the Pinball slot machine. In order to activate the bonus feature, you must play the maximum credits. Depending on the denomination of the machine this could be two or three credits. Not bad in comparison to other slot machines today. When the Pinball logo lands on the payline of the third reel you are sent to the bonus game above the reel slots.

Each time the ball lands in a pocket you will win that specific number of credits. Your total bonus win is the total of credits accumulated from all four balls.

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