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Nathan's Corner Mass Shootings Now Thanks for the BJ game. Needs to be toned down or different color softer on the eyes. I was also wondering how should a player go about betting when counting say the minimum bet is 2 and the maximum 10 with the bankroll of at what count would you advise to increase bets from the minimum? You played 49 hands.

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In Our Perfect Pair Blackjack game you can place an optional side bet that the first two cards dealt will be a pair. Played in casinos all over the world Pontoon remains one of the most popular card games and our superb free version is definetly worth a flutter. Spanish Blackjack is a popular twist on standard game.

In the Spanish variant the four tens are removed and players Blackjack always beats the dealers Blackjack. In our free Super Fun 21 game all Blackjacks pay even money except a Blackjack in diamonds which pays 2: In our free single hand Blackjack Switch game players are dealt two hands and have the option of switching the top two cards between hands to create better hands.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack never goes out of fashion and we know you'll love our free version of this classic game. Vegas Strip Blackjack is popular with players around the world and our version is a perfect simulation of this exciting game.

Since we're not offering many reviews on the site, and you've asked to read more about the real money casinos in which you can play blackjack - we've started to compile a list for you.

So for our Canadian users we recommend Onlinecasinos which has nice reviews, not too long, but with nice details to help you get in each casino you visit. Our whole free online blackjack site is ideal if you wish to practice playing using any particular betting strategies you know of.

Or you may have a game specific strategy that you wish to try out. The games are a great way to try out and practice all the different variations of Blackjack games. The odds of winning at free Blackjack vary depending on which game variation you are playing combined sometimes with the payout set by the online casino.

Our games are free so the payout's don't matter too much. Playing online for real money is gambling and the odds are always in favour of the casino. One of our best tips is that we advocate you play blackjack online for free! To win at Blackjack requires some skill but also a good share of luck, whereas when playing in free mode you have nothing to lose and all the fun. However if you decide to play blackjack for real money, always make sure that you do so at licensed online casinos ,that way you'll always have a safe and enjoyable experience.

Free Blackjack 4u A warm welcome to you from FreeBlackjack4u. Play Atlantic City Blackjack. Play Double Attack Blackjack. Play Double Exposure Blackjack. Play High Streak Blackjack. This is Blackjack with an optional "Hi","Lo"or "13" bet. A great alternative to standard game. June 12th, at Hi guys, this is my first post on the wizard and I am hoping someone can help me out. I would like to know the best strategy for attacking 8 deck bj at my nearby casino.

I am fairly new to blackjack but I have basic strategy memorized and I have been practicing my but off counting cards hi low I am wondering if counting cards would be effective against these rules? Another thing is they use cut cards at approx 6 decks in removing 2 decks. I have also wondered if counting works with these cut cards in play? Please help me become a better player and earn some extra dough to pay for next semester!

Feb 16, Threads: June 12th, at 1: That's an incredibly important first question. Hit the bad guys where it hurts the most: June 12th, at 2: June 12th, at 4: Do you think counting is the best way then? I'm just iffy on it due to the 8 decks and cut card , I feel like that might hurt my odds while counting. Jan 5, Threads: Mar 22, Threads: June 12th, at 5: Your bankroll is adequate, but the game is pretty weak. You have an edge, but it's small. Your N0 is sky high.

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