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Thank you for submission! Your submission is received and we will contact you soon. Thank you for contacting us! We will get back to you soon! Enemies will freeze and die when forced out of their atmosphere.

Additionally, each bird comes with a special way of attacking. The standard bird is the small red one, and he is fittingly called Red. He has no discernible talents or power-ups, so he relies on brute force. A larger version of him is also available, and his name is Terrence. The big red bird uses his colossal size to crush huge sections of the battlefield.

The explosive bird is named Bomb, and he looks just like one. A second tap will detonate this guy, and the blast will eliminate many obstacles that are otherwise hard to remove. Bubbles is similar, but he wreaks havoc by expanding his body at a set interval. Chuck, who is normally yellow, is purple in this game.

His homing missile technology now defies gravity, so he is extra useful for long distance strikes. The Blues also show up, and these triplets act like miniature editions of Red. Meanwhile, Matilda is an egg-laying hen that leaves behind devastating detonations.

With brand new birds and an extensive galaxy to explore, blast the birds into space. Take advantage of gravity to slingshot around the planets as you take out pesky pigs in the galaxy. How to play Angry Birds Space. Unlike the previous models which had a flat stage, Angry Birds Space comprises of alien planets with different gravitational fields. This affects the trajectory force of the birds after launch.

However, it has an amusing aiming system that makes it easy to aim the birds. How to win Angry Birds Space. Winning Angry Birds Space is pretty simple and exciting. There are more than interstellar levels crossing ten planets including own solar system.

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