Top 10 Online Shopping Stores in Kenya

Store locator, investor information, career opportunities. Top 10 Online Shopping Sites. Even today, target is the go to online shopping portal for an extremely large number of customers. Additionally, with one of the most comprehensive Pinterest accounts on the web, consumers can keep up to date daily with additions to the online store. These features make an excellent ecommerce site like flipkart.

Technical support.

View products in your home with the top3 AR app

Bought a voucher from a high-street store? Call to add your credit and convert it to an Add-on. Download the Three app to check your balance and use your registered card to top-up, then you can convert your credit into an Add-on.

Log-in or Register first and save your card details in My3, then you can check your current balance and use your registered debit card to top-up and convert your credit into an Add-on.

Use a cash machine top Top-up. See the full list of banks. Use our anonymous top-up link to buy credit with your debit card, credit card or pre-purchased voucher without needing to register. Learn more about add-ons. Login or register for My3. If you want to top-up online you'll need to know your phone or Mobile Broadband number before you begin. How do I find out my number?

Then get even better value by converting to an Add-on. Top-up your mobile broadband. How to Top-up your Phone. How to Top-up your Mobile Broadband.

You can use our standard tariff - which costs 1p per MB of data. Top-up for someone else. Running out of credit sucks. Buy or sell items online — olxkenya. Anyone can buy and sell just about anything legal, of course on OLX; from cars, furniture, electronics, even livestock. Since items here are often used or second-hand, prices are generally cheaper. Unlike other online stores, prices on OLX are negotiable between the buyer and the seller.

Electronics and computer shop — shopit. Search new and used cars for sale — cheki. You can buy, sell and import cars through cheki. Its over five search options make it easy to navigate the site and fast to get to exactly what you are looking for. Shop Online in Kenya — mamamikes. You can buy anything from goats, airtime to supermarket vouchers.

You can even pay electricity bills through Mama Mikes. This site is a favourite of people in the Diaspora for surprising and gifting their loved ones in East Africa. Orders can be also be placed by Whatsapp! Mimi Online Store — mimi. And if online shopping is not your thing, Mimi has a physical store in Nairobi.

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