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Most people use it instead of hard-copy books! Sekiranya saya tidak pasti maknanya, saya juga akan merujuk pada kamus. DBP merupakan sebuah organisasi yang ditubuhkan pada dengan tujuan untuk mengembangkan bahasa Melayu sebagai bahasa kebangsaan Malaysia. The Name Technology Sdn. How on earth does DBP think this will help improve Malay-language standards? Kamus Mini English Malay. But this concern is totally misplaced.

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Kalau ada pun, selalunya kamus itu merupakan kamus bahasa Indonesia. Kamus bahasa Indonesia, walaupun adakalanya masih boleh digunakan, memerlukan kita untuk berhati-hati kerana maksud perkataan, malahan perkataan itu sendiri, mungkin berbeza dengan bahasa Melayu yang kita gunakan.

Selain kamus bahasa Indonesia, di internet ini juga terdapat banyak kamus-kamus alih bahasa daripada bahasa Melayu ke bahasa Inggeris. Di bawah ini, saya telah senaraikan kamus-kamus alih bahasa online yang sedia ada:. Kamus-kamus ini, malangnya, tidak memberi makna pada perkataan yang kita inginkan. Disebabkan itu, hanya satu kamus online sahaja yang mampu memberikan makna perkataan yang kita cari dengan tepat dan sesuai dengan bahasa Melayu kita.

Saya harap awak dapat manfaat daripada perkongsian ini. Thanks for your helpful advice. Talk about DBP shooting itself in the foot! How on earth does DBP think this will help improve Malay-language standards?

I have the printed version of the dictionary. And I might have the time to look it up, and to write out definitions by hand for learning purposes. We now have something called the Internet! Most people use it instead of hard-copy books! DBP is obviously concerned about piracy. But this concern is totally misplaced. They should be flattered that others want to appropriate their work, and welcome it!

What a tragedy that DBP has relinquished its role in providing authoritative practical guidance into the future for Malay-language users. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Contains more than 30, entries. Supports Malay and Chinese two-way checking. Not sure how a word is spelled? Just try spelling it, and Kamus Pro can suggest the closest match in its database. You can easily look up words that you have checked before.

Choose larger fonts for easy viewing, or smaller fonts to see more information at one glance. Kamus Pro is a component of Dewan Eja Pro. For information about Dewan Eja Pro, please visit our website.

Changes in version 4. Kamus Mini English Malay.

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