Watsons Collagen Moisturising and Brightening Facial Mask Review

I find this smell too strong and it bothers me a lot. I also feel my skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day! These are part of their Collagen Beauty products. It contains Mangosteen Peel Extract and Jojoba beads help to gently and effectively softening and removing dead skin and impurities by massaging your face. Peeling cleanser a week lang talaga because it lifts off the dead skin cells so if you use it more than that it might lift away even the healthy layer of your skin.

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Intensive nourishing cream face mask contains a rich cream essence which deeply moisturises the skin. It replenishes collagen and essential nutrients leaving skin more supple and elastic. Suitable for dry skin, especially in Autumn and Winter. Collagen eye mask contains DPHP, a moisturising agent that hydrates and tightens the skin around the eyes. The light-textured essence is easily absorbed.

The packaging is the standard yellow boxes for the whole range. This item contains 6 pairs of eye mask all individually packed inside foil sachets. Pay no attention to the tiny diagram on the packaging, the eye mask is basically a pair of egg shaped soft mask pieces. They sit in a tray and totally soaked with essence! After having the mask on my eyes for 15 to 20mins, I removed the masks and light tapped the essence on and around the eye area. The skin around the eyes did feel moisturised but I cannot confirm it feels tighten at all.

The dark circles stay firmly in place boo!! Results not too noticeable, I did not see an improvement to my dark circles but the skin around the eyes feels hydrated and comfortable. Now, we move onto the review on the Intensive nourishing cream mask… Again, the masks are individually packed in its own foil sachets. There are 6 masks in the box. Each mask contains 30ml of cream essence, that is an awful lot of product!!

I have used many Watsons masks, this is probably one of the richest and creamiest mask ever! The second I pulled the mask out of the sachet, I already knew it will be a good mask!! The mask fits nicely onto my face, I pulled and straighten it out neatly and covered my eye lids with the cut-outs.

I rested for 20mins and by that time the mask definitely felt drier as if my skin has drank all the product up! I massaged the rest of the essence onto my face. OK, I will be totally honest, there was still way too much product left, I had to remove a lot from my face.. The mask and essence did feel overwhelming on my combination skin, as the mask is tended for dry skin… nevertheless, the result is very good. Apply liberal amount and gently massage on face with your fingertips until dead skin comes out.

Wash off with lukewarm water. Use times per week for best result. Okay, so 10 benefits, wow! The shade I got it in was quite light for my skin so when I applied it, it gave out a white cast!

However, after setting for 10 minutes, it blended in with my skin making it appear brighter without looking like I have makeup on. It has light coverage and just evens out the skin tone more than conceal. This is also scented, by the way. After basic skincare, apply adequate amount on the cheeks, forehead, nose and jaw.

Spread over the face from inside out to the whole face and neck. Pat on face until absorbed. Not recommend to be spread in circular motion. Itchy, scaly skin be gone! I also feel my skin smooth and moisturized throughout the day!

Might be my favorite product out of the four here. Do I really need to tell you how to apply body lotion? I absolutely love these. I find this moisturizing and hydrating enough with a bit of lifting right after each mask session. I find the mask quite large for my face, though. Step 1- Take out and unfold the mask from the pack and apply over your face.

Step 2- Press to remove the bubbles and enjoy 15 minutes of relaxation. Step 3- Remove the mask from down to up after 15 minutes. Step 4- Massage the remaining essence into skin. Let me know your favorites!

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