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To IM your friend on the Windows Live network, click the drop down arrow next to the IM button below their name when you hover on them. We are trying to get them back into a future release of 9. I like to play chess with my friends. You can call all of your friends to login at a particular time and chat with them, just like in a chat room. Mail, where users can be automatically notified when they receive new email. This means that it supports IMs and status messages in many more languages than before.

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I like to play chess with my friends. But there are not many games in it. PC to PC calls are available for free. Chat rooms are also part of Yahoo Messenger. Anyway, have you ever tried joining a chat room? Well, you see a lot of people talking rubbish. Many of them will be typing numbers or some letters and characters, etc. I could say that the chat rooms are not that well monitored. There is also a conferencing feature. When the chat window pops up, click on the 'Games Chooser' tab.

Choose the game you want to play by selecting the 'Invite Friend' button next to the game title. Read rules and guidelines for the game by clicking on the 'Yahoo Games' link and reading about each game there. Click on 'Start Game' when your friend has accepted the invitation and you are both ready to begin. Excitement is the name of the game with Yahoo Games. By using Yahoo Messenger's games options, you can play any time with whomever you want, and chat with your opponent at the same time.

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Get Updates on Yahoo Messenger Tweet. Add info Works on: Add info Official Website: Free from spyware, adware and viruses. We've added this preference back in to the product. If you're finding that this new look is too spacious for you, go to the Contacts menu and select Compact List. This will reduce the size of the Avatars and condense the height of your list overall. We've developed a set of handy keyboard shortcuts to give you some other options for your IM window.

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