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CBS began covering the World Series in the late s. In the early s, the event was again broadcast as specials. Initially, coverage only consisted of just a single one-hour taped-delay broadcast of the Main Event.

ESPN Classic currently airs many of the old broadcasts from the mids and beyond. Since no "pocket cam" existed, very few hole cards were actually shown to television viewers. Unlike today's coverage, ESPN featured no pre-taped interviews or profiles on the players.

In addition, the commentators were generally on the casino floor itself. The tournament director announces that Hugh Vincent needed two running spades to win. These hour-long programs presented more of an overview or recap of the WSOP as opposed to broadcasting an actual live event with play-by-play analysis and color commentary. The Discovery Channel's broadcast also featured final table players interviews interlaced throughout the show.

ESPN would resume coverage the following year. ESPN's coverage in was typical of their coverage in the s recorded in video, little or no post-production commentary or player profiles, no card cams. However, the final table broadcast was expanded over two one-hour episodes. The WSOP was the first with the "sneak peek" later called the pocket cam, or hole cam.

They included coverage of the entire tournament, with a "Featured Table". At this table, the viewers could see the player's hole cards and subsequent strategy.

The action was also broadcast as if live, though on tape-delay. Also, their coverage of the main event now typically includes at least one hour program on each day. ESPN's coverage now includes many of the trappings of sports coverage, such as lighter segments called "The Nuts" and interviews.

Coverage would increase in and to include preliminary events from the WSOP, in addition to the "Main Event". ESPN has expanded poker to all-new levels, especially with their coverage of the WSOP, including providing the entire final table of the Main Event via pay-per-view airing.

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