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As such, not enough cards come out during a single hand game to really allow for any counting. Once reconnected, please verify your balance and inform Customer Service immediately if there are any issues. This page discusses the various versions of single-deck and two-deck blackjack you'll find online. When no choice is selected, the default selection is a stand and no for insurance. This option can be used multiple times. You'll occasionally find a casino or two which has special house rules, but those are the exceptions.

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This is good news for players from the United Kingdom and Europe, but less interesting to American real money gamblers. Rival Gaming powers 89 different only gambling sites around the world. Most of these websites accept players from the UK, but Rival Gaming supports only a couple of sites which accept American players. All this information might make the United States blackjack players wonder where they might enjoy single-deck blackjack online.

I have written about a lot RTG casinos over the years and I haven't found too many of them with 1-deck blackjack. The default setting on the RTG software is for 2-deck blackjack, though. Real Time Gaming allows the operators who license their software a lot of freedom in setting policies, so it's thought in the blackjack community that most RTG sites set the deck level higher, possibly at 4 decks.

The fact is, you'll find a wide variety of deck sizes, though two deck blackjack is a possibility. The standard rules on a game of RTG blackjack allows the dealer to hit on a soft The player can double on the first two cards, as well as double after a split.

When the player wants, he or she can split up to a maximum of twice, so you can have up to three hands. Late surrender can be configured in the software, but most RTG casinos don't have late surrender the most famous RTG site does.

When the dealer has a blackjack natural 21 , the player only loses their original wager. Once again, this game is likely to have 4 decks, but might have 2. Most of the time, you'll find the game marked as single-deck blackjack.

If you don't happen to notice this distinction, then look to see if the cards are dealt from a shoe or from the dealer's hand or equivalently online, from a deck. If the simulation software is right, multi-deck games are dealt from a shoe, while the one-deck games are dealt by the dealer from his hand, like you would in a home game of blackjack.

Since online casino simulations don't have to be correct, this might not always be the case on the Internet. In a land-based casino setting, you can use this method to spot single-deck blackjack, though this fact is usually advertised.

January 30th, at 1: Each known card not otherwise involved in the hand is worth about 0. You would need to deal about a third into the deck to compensate the house edge from perfect play decisions. It would be much more easy to beat the game with the insurance bet. Jan 8, Threads: January 31st, at There are online casinos offering countable, shoe-shuffled non-CSM or even hand-shuffled games. To get there you need to play either very low to maximize the relative value of bonuses; semi-common or very high to maximize points; rare.

The main caveat is not about finding EV. Online, you are playing with numbers on a server, and are at the casino's mercy as far as getting paid goes. May 23, Threads: January 31st, at 3: January 31st, at 7: Oct 28, Threads: January 31st, at 8: If the dealer gets busted, all players get paid unless they were busted themselves.

This version of blackjack is played with eight decks of cards, cut in the middle. The dealer shuffles the cards at the end of the round in which she hits the red card that cut the deck at approximately half way through.

Side bets can only be placed in addition to a main Blackjack bet. The side bet winnings are independent of the outcome of the regular Blackjack game. Perfect Pairs win when the first two cards dealt to a player produce a pair.

There are three possible pair types:. A pair of the same rank and color but a different suit; e. A pair of the same rank with different suits and colors; e. A threesome in numerical sequence and same suit; e. Three of a Kind: A threesome with the same value but with different suits; e.

A threesome in numerical sequence but different suits; e. If there is any error in the game procedure, the game round will be temporarily paused and the shift manager will be notified.

Players will be notified by an on-screen pop-up message to highlight that the issue is being investigated. If the manager can immediately resolve the error, the game round will continue as normal. If immediate resolution is not possible, the game round will be cancelled and initial bets will be refunded to all players who participated in the game round.

Should a system disconnection occur after a bet was placed on the Blackjack table and before the timer has completed, the bet will not be deducted from the balance.

If a disconnection occurs after the bet was finalized and already deducted from the balance, yet before the game results are known, the bet will be processed as usual and the game will proceed with default player choices, such as stand. The balance is updated according to the game results. If after a disconnection, the player reconnects again during the same Blackjack round, the game will follow the disconnected behavior of a default stand.

The Golden Nugget Live Dealer services are provided via internet, which inevitably may disconnect at times. This poses potential snags to the game flow and user experience. In order to minimize the impact caused by unexpected disconnections, when a player loses his connectivity to the game server, a reconnect message will be displayed on the screen.

Until the player reconnects to the game server, the game and chat functionality will behave improperly or be completely inactive. Live Dealer - Blackjack 1. Objective The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. Playing Instructions Once the game has loaded you need to choose your seat at the table by clicking on any available seat.

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